• Mary Elliott co-founded the Ranch & Lifestyle Division of Berkshire Hathaway with Kerry Mormann in 2015. This branch of expertise is the first of its kind and offers unique properties and practices specific to coastal properties.
Mary is not just any real estate agent, but a ‘take charge’ real estate guide that gets results in a kind, yet powerful way. As a California native and long time resident of Santa Barbara, Mary truly knows the area; its features, the people, and all of the nuances that lifestyle clients desire and appreciate.
  • Mary’s extensive background in business, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness, translates into a deep, personal understanding of her clients’ needs on every level.
  • Having raised two children into adulthood, Mary is in tune with the needs of families and the importance of community. Mary values her connection to people, open spaces and passion for land preservation. Mary currently serves as Vice President of the Tribal Trust Foundation, and was a co-founder of the non-profit organization, Sacred Ways, and founded the Aids awareness and education organization, Walk the Lake.