• Whether you are selling or buying a property, I bring a fresh perspective being mindful of your needs and wants that will produce outstanding results. I collaborate and work with you diligently for as long as it takes to find a home that inspires you and will create limitless possibilities and happy memories that can be shared for generations. I prefer to be direct and exact with your requirements enabling me to pinpoint properties that will accurately work for you and not waste your time.
    If you are selling your property, I take care of you every step of the way providing new perspectives for redefining your home and creating a space that your buyers will happily land in and make it their own. I enjoy empowering the sales process which I feel is both intuitive and about building business relationships that will go beyond the sale. I make the sales process as smooth as possible working with our excellent professional and solid team at Berkshire Hathaway to guarantee the experience, knowledge and support you receive is efficient, effective and timely.
  • I want to make this experience as enjoyable as possible, removing the stress and to assist you with providing solutions that will promote the full potential of your property achieving the sale you are looking for, or the home that meets your needs and wants and will bring you great joy and a lifetime of memories.
  • Mary Elliott spends time every year working with the indigenous people of Bhutan supporting them to live the life they have always lived without sacrifice and becoming westernized. She is passionate about helping communities live the best lives they can and spends much of her spare time involved with humanitarian efforts, Yoga, hiking and anything outdoors..